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Use a controller to interact with the enviroment Have a meeting Create a 4X style game Look for treasure Test the water temperature Realize you've added to many AI Item creation and use of textured 3D models It's actually even easier than this to create items in CyberSpaces, as the top bit is created from a simple menu Go native 'ayyy' Attend a rock concert Old rendering with white lines(left) and new method(right) The base model is actualy translucent, so you can apply any skin. The 'lovecraft incident' Can you defeat the Skeleton King?

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News 4 12.aug.2015

v0.6: New cursor selection, Items with flow and more features.

In this new version we have developed quite a few features, and want to spotlight our new cursor picking and flow systems. And we have some more goodies at the end.
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News 3 23.jul.2015

Improving accuracy of you mouse click

We have received some comments regarding the accuracy of picking (the point picked when you click on the map), such as "The character sometimes does not move to where I clicked" and "I have to click below a character to interact with them". Let's shed some light on this issue and discuss our ongoing plans for improvement.
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News 2 11.jul.2015


Thank you all for helping us test our initial alpha release. It went even better then what we had hoped for and we are happy to report that the few major bugs that were found, have already been fixed.
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Here we go!

The day has finally arrived, and we are ready to launch our Alpha. We hope you like it and give us feedback so that we can improve and continue developing it. This is still an early test, but we invite you to play around with it and join us in imagining where this platform can go. Thanks for visiting!

What can you do

What you can do :

Game developers
Casual gamers and socializer's
Graphics designers
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Future features

Future features :

Since we have already planned out and partially designed so many features, we would like your vote to help us prioritize their development. Read more....

How it started

How it started :

Join countless other players in variouce online worlds for chat, role-playing or gaming. Read more....

In depth

In depth :

We plan to make several in-depth videos, as what you see and might assume you get, is probably only 20% of what this system is actually already capable of. We will create several in depth videos about most of the actually working features: Read more....